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5 deliciously unique coffees around the world

If there is one thing people everywhere love, it just might be coffee—more than 2 billion cups are consumed on this planet every single day. In this installment of “Around the World,” we travel to five different countries to sample five different kinds o

publish May 23, 2020 3
Dubai 4K from desert to skyscrapers in 50 years

Dubai might be one of the most ambitious cities in the world. They’re ready to do anything to be number one.

publish May 22, 2020 1
New York City (NYC) USA by drone 4K

Watch the New York city USA by drone 4K. Stunning footage of New York City (day and night shots!), United States of America in 4K resolution. I hope you guys enjoy the clips of this amazing, hectic and (mostly) friendly City. Taken from “Drone Snap”

publish May 22, 2020 4
Flying over Scotland – 4K – UHD drone film + healing music

“FLYING OVER SCOTLAND” sweeps viewers on an incredibly beautiful and calming Nature Relaxation journey to the famous Isle of Skye / Highlands. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman and featuring all brand-new music by The Cynic Project, the film lasts a full

publish May 22, 2020 1
Google drones can already deliver you coffee in Australia

Do you like drones? Do you know that Google drones deliver coffee in Australia.

publish May 22, 2020 3
Top 10 wine producing countries

This is top 10 wine producing countries.

publish May 22, 2020 5
World’s smallest cat

If you like cats, watch this video and you will see the world’s smallest cat.

publish May 22, 2020 2
How to get free stuff online

Ever wonder if you can truly get free stuff online? Watch this video and you will see tips for getting free stuff online.

publish May 22, 2020 5
10 Fun websites that will cure your boredom

If you a bored, visit this 10 websites that will cure your boredom.

publish May 22, 2020 0
A young Mark Zuckerberg’s early mistake

Look back at 60 Minutes’ interview with Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg.

publish May 21, 2020 3
Transcendental meditation technique – A complete introduction

In this introductory video, Bob Roth describes the Transcendental Meditation. What you’ll learn: What TM is • What TM is not • What happens during TM • How we know TM really works • TM’s effect on the brain • The natural tendency of the m

publish May 20, 2020 2
15 Books Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read

Watch the 15 books that Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read.

publish May 20, 2020 2

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