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Can we imagine our lives without this furry, loving, domestic animal? Well, luckily for us, we do not need to imagine that, but enjoy their presence in our homes and lives. Cats are great company for children, and actually any family member. They are cuddly, loveable, friendly and great entertainers. However, not all of them are the same characters, so here we listed some breeds best for home and children, best cats for family.

American Curl

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This sweet and friendly cat is a great company anytime, anywhere. American Curl likes their owner and sometimes may seem like a dog, following you everywhere. They are very sociable, faithful and adjustable to new situations. Their name comes from their ear’s look, which are curled back. These animals are easy to handle, their hair could be both long and short, and in many different colors.



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Bombay cats are very intelligent, easily trained, outgoing and affectionate. They are good company for children, playful, and sociable, enjoying to be attached to any family member, not only the owner. Their exploring and playing nature makes them interesting and a fun to be around. This is the cat you will adore.

Japanese Bobtail

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Japanese Bobtail is the traditional symbol of good luck in Japan. It was very attractive to artists and was painted and sculptured in many different ancient artistic pieces. These strong and healthy cats are active, intelligent and talkative. Their pleasant voice sounds like a hearing a song and these talkers are always willing to respond when being spoken to. They like to carry things in a mouth and love to travel, with easy adjustable nature to new situations and other animals. They love children.

Maine Coon

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Many stories and legends have been attached to this breed. It is a Native American longhaired cat and was recognized in Maine. Its loving nature and high intelligence make this breed very popular among children and families. Their beauty and a pleasant character provides this cat a title of the Best cat ever.

Russian Blue

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The Russian Blue cat has bright green eyes and a blue-grey coat. It is intelligent, curious, and tranquil. They are very friendly, smart and a bit reserved. This breed is very playful, and sensitive to people emotions. In general, they are a quiet breed, clean and reserved around strangers. Many Russian Blues could be trained to do tricks.


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RagaMuffins are famous for their friendly personalities and soft, rabbitlike fur. They are friendly, attentive and affectionate. Considering that they are not so athletic, they will rather enjoy playing and climbing scratching posts and could enjoy running after and retrieving toys. They like to follow familiar people around the house, but considering their gentle nature, it is better to keep them indoors and to protect them from threats present in outdoor environments. These cats are vocal at times and are easily adapted to any new territory.

Turkish Angora

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This breed is playful, loving and adaptable. It is rare and beautiful, a breed that you will definitely fall in love with. This cat originates from the mountain regions in Turkey.

It has soft and silky coat which requires minimal grooming. Easy to handle, this cat will be a great companion to any member in your family. They get along well with the other animals, which can make them the alpha pet in your house.

These are some breeds that we recommend for families. Do you have any suggestion? Do you have a cat which breed would like to recommend? Share you experience with us.

Written by Marko Tomcic

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