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Every family, if it is possible, should have a dog, which is, as we know, the best man’s friend.

We have put 10 of them on this list, so you can choose your favorite. Best dogs for family:

10. Poodle

9. Beagle

8. Bichon Frise

7. Pug-dog

6. Jack Russell Terrier

5. St. Bernard

4. Rottweiler

3. Great Dane

2. Labrador Retriever

1. Golden Retriever



These elegant, proud and clever dogs look very impressive and are very friendly. They easily get used to live in apartments. Very affectionate with family, these dogs are easy to train. If you want a playful and intelligent puppy, this is probably the best one to have around.

Obedience training is essential for poodles because of their active mind and playful nature. Otherwise, they can become spoiled and consider themselves as alpha dogs in family.


Beagles are very attractive and playful dogs, friendly and easy to love. But their wanderlust nature keeps them inquisitive and determined, outgoing and focused on food. Considering that they are scent hounds, Beagles will wander off if they catch any interesting smell in the air. These gentle, sweet, and funny dogs will make you laugh, but sometimes could behave naughty.


Bichon Frise

These fluffy, cheerful and small dogs look like a children’s toy. With happy and very enthusiastic nature, Bichon easily gets used to life in apartment. Besides their friendly nature, these dogs don’t just love to be in your company, actually that is their need – to be with family.

Bichons are very intelligent and highly trainable and love to learn tricks.


These sturdy, compact breed has a great sense of humor and likes to show off. They are playful and able for games, but they also love to love, so they need to be close to humans. They love to be the center of attention, and can’t stand being ignored. Very loyal and charming, pugs are intelligent and are excellent for novice owners.

Jack Russell Terrier

These lively and independent dogs are recommended for experienced owners only. Although they require time and patience, they could be ideal family dogs. Jack Russell Terrier is great jogging companion and perfect playmate for active older children. This energetic and spirited nature dislikes repetition and routine.

 St. Bernard

This dog is very friendly and welcoming. With steady and benevolent temperament, this is kind and careful nature, but need to be trained in early age. This versatile and quiet indoor dog is a wonderful family friend. The St. Bernard does not need much exercise, but enjoys a good romp in the snow.


These popular family guardians and friends are strong and confident, but also very intelligent, loving and protective. Called Rotties or Rotts this is calm and fearless nature. If well-bred, they are playful, gentle, and very close to the family and could be easy to train if you treated with respect. These dogs are not for everyone, because they need proper training and socialization.

 Great Dane

This large and noble dog is sweet and affectionate pet. Considering his playfulness, this is very friendly dog to children. He likes being with family and is easy to be trained. He loves to please and is people-oriented, requires attention from anyone around him. They need a lot of space to move around.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most friendly and working dogs. Lab is very warm and intelligent, attractive to anyone, even to photographers and artist. Because of their sweet nature, they are good therapy dogs, helping elderly and assisting handicapped. This dog needs activity equally mental and physical to remain happy.

Golden Retriever

This is probably the most popular family dog: he is lively, highly intelligent, sociable, beautiful, and loyal. It seems like their playful and silly nature never gets old. This dog is bred to work with people and needs to be in physical and mental exercise. As a family dog, he can’t be left alone not for a single day, because he needs your company. His only drawback is that he is not a watchdog, because he is very friendly even to strangers.

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