How to detox?

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How much do you take care of your body and your health? Do you often think about some healthy diet or cleaning your body from inside? Well, if you want to improve your health and bring your body and mind in a better condition, this is an article for you.

We have been exploring the best ways for cleaning and detoxing a human’s body. Here is what we have found:

Fruit diet:

Eating enough fruit increases your energy level, helps you stay fit and reduces the likelihood of stroke.  If you take this diet, it shouldn’t last more than 7 days in a row. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, and limes are the best detoxifiers.


A liquid fast:

If you want to clean your body, it is very healthy to drink only liquids for 2-3 days. Try to drink mostly clean water, but tea, fruit or vegetable juices, and protein shakes are also very useful and helpful in detoxifying your body.

Avoiding sugar:

When you eat too much sugar, your body starts producing more insulin, straining your pancreas and wearing yourself out. In the long term, eating too much sugar (honey, molasses and artificial sweeteners) can cause you to become chronically fatigued, diabetic, or even develop cancer, and not to mention becoming overweight.


Working out is a great way not only to lose some kilos, than to clean your body and encourage circulation in the blood and lymph system. Regular exercise enhances digestion, reduces tension, lubricates joints, and strengthens the body. Sweating is a way to get rid of toxins and hydrating after it, helps detoxification.


Maybe you don’t have enough time to exercise regularly, but taking a walk as often as you can is also beneficial. One important thing is to choose the fresh air or unpolluted environment. If there is a park near your home, don’t hesitate to take a walk there. Feel free and try to relax your body and mind. Walking about 25 minutes every day helps relieving the stress and makes you feel more relaxed and motivated, especially if you often put yourself in intellectually or emotionally challenging situations.


If this is possible for you to do, just do it! Riding a bike is a great way of losing some weight, being more fit and in a good shape. It is faster than walking, and healthier than sitting in a car or going by bus. So, if your job is not too far away, or there is a friend who lives nearby, feel free to sit on your bike and pedal!


Taking a regular massage is a great way not only to relax your body and mind, but to get rid of toxins and the stress. During a massage, the body may feel some pain, but that just means that there are some lactic acid spots which have been built up. After a massage, it is very recommendable to drink plenty of water to flush out these toxins.

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During a meditative state of mind, you experience a strong feeling of calmness, peace and being focused.  Meditation is very necessary in today’s fast living style, where people don’t have enough time to question themselves, pray or experience their inner peace. Mind and body are in a perfect harmony, so harming one will also harm the other. Improving the mind state will also improve the body. Exercising is very useful for a body, but you should find some time to exercise your brain and bring your mind in a strong and concentrative state.


Having enough sleep is very important to maintain the body and mind in a healthy state. During the sleep, your body is recovering, recharging and rejuvenating for the following day. A lack of sleep makes you feel nervous, less focused, distressed, and in a long term it can weaken your immune system. So, bear in your mind how sleep is important, and don’t deprive yourself of it.

These are some of the most important ways of detoxifying. Which methods you have already tried? Which ones have worked for you? Feel free to add them below the text.


Written by Marko T.

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