How to get job at Amazon?

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Amazon…The place where you can buy everything from watch to toilet papir.
Also on Amazon you can find a technology titan providing artificial intelligence, digital streaming, cloud computing, and much more. Amazon CEO is Jeff Bezos, enjoys an 86 percent approval rating.

It’s pretty easy to apply for a job at Amazon. You need to have an up-to-date CV, no need for a cover letter and you have already done a half of your job there.

First, you choose your job of interest, which means you can search by location, business category, job category or keywords

If you don’t have a formal CV, you can still apply by giving some information about your previous job experiences (with dates of employment), educational background and skills. Without it, they won’t consider your application.
You don’t need to send any samples of your work, except if you are selected for an interview.

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However, it may not be mandatory, and you will be informed in advance about it anyway.
If any copies of your previous work are available online, you can attach the links on your CV.

It’s good to show your skills on the way.
For most positions, the hiring process begins with a phone interview.

If there’s interest on both sides, an on-site interview could be arranged, typically with the hiring manager and several teammates. There is no strict pattern and every interview process depends on a team, so it will probably be unique.

In case the position you wanted to apply for is not available any more, you will have options to apply for any other that is currently listed, because they actively update the list of needed positions and remove those that are occupied. So, regularly check it.

Amazon is open for different type of contracts, and they hire contractors, temporary employees and freelancers.


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