How to get a job at Apple?

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Being a part of this world leading company is a great deal. The question is how to be the one that is needed there? Apple hires people by its specific method. You really need to be special – in which way? Well, be the one who wants to change the world.

Yes, a desire and will to change things is your entering card. Apple needs people with idealistic views and passionate about investigating, upgrading and changing the old patterns. “No” should never be the answer to you.

How to get a job at Apple?

Being dedicated to solving problems is “must have”, but the way you are doing it is also important. Your way is different, you see things differently, and you are focused on until you change them. “Impossible” does not exist in your dictionary.

Interviews are not an easy bite. 10 or 12 people participate and analyze the candidate. So, you are very well screened and asked various questions. The judges observe you from different points of view and are interested in different things, but all in one, they are making a whole picture of your personality.


The main idea is to show the will and need to change the world even if you would need to disagree with them. You need to have your own point of view, regardless if you disagree with all of them. The point is to be certain in a unique way of improving things and the world as a result.

Getting a job in Apple Retail

If you are interested to work in Apple Retail, it is easier to get a job. And there is no pressure on you to achieve some special sales targets, so it is more relaxing, but you need to be focused on customers. Being just polite is not enough. Your goal is to meet the needs of a customer and to connect with on a human and friendly way. Apple will not require to sell anything, at first place, but to show your will to advise and to be supportive rather than a greedy seller.

Getting into Corporate Apple

If you are just a graduate student, without experience, your chance to immediately work for Apple is pretty low. However, a great solution is an internship. Internships could be the great way to get into the corporate world at Apple, for anyone without experience.

For the experienced, there are few career paths that could be chosen.

Hardware Engineering

Hardware engineers are very important for Apple. They work on all their products, from the Mac to the iPod. To be a hardware engineer is not an easy job. It is up to you to be innovative, creative, talented, and of course to have some great knowledge of industrial, silicon, wireless or specialized engineering.

Software Engineering

Thanks to software engineers, today we can access all the beauty of the OS X/iOS. Their mission is to create revolutionary operating systems, and to be there, besides proper education, you need to be ambitious, smart, self-motivated and team player.


Being a part of Apple’s marketing team is not an easy job, too. With strong passion for innovation, you also need to be creative and strategic.


This is also one interesting path to choose. Thanks to the designers, all those pretty and fancy Apple products are available to us, being attractive and practical at the same time.

Some of other career paths are: Merchandising, Product Management, Customer Service and Support, Finance, Human Resources, and many other job positions.

More information about applying for specific job, you can find on their website: Apple jobs


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