How to get job at Facebook?

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Facebook…. Could you imagine your day without it? Probably not… We are all well-informed in a story called Facebook, but thinking about it can make you wonder what it would be like if you could work for this giant company? We have been asking the same question, and therefore been exploring the issue that could be bothering you:

How to get a job at Facebook?

  1. Be technology lover

Well, maybe you are not an expert, but it is good to have some background knowledge about how technology products are made. Good sense and strong instincts are also desirable to determine about successful products and to give you basic requirements for doing any job in this company.

  • An execution ability

You really need to have this one characteristic. Facebook insists on your execution ability, and sometimes it may seem as a pressure on individuals and teams to create something new and at the same time essential every 6 months. After that time, your work is judged and criticized by supervisors. Constantly making new meaningful and measurable products is a requirement that is needed to be met.

  • Be a leader

You need to be able to handle with any issue and to be accountable for the execution of a specific area of a certain Facebook product. Sometimes, you will be in a situation to lead a team of many people and to be responsible for the execution of a plan. That is why you need to be open-minded, listening to the needs of your team and pay attention to their concerns. The point is to build a team work atmosphere where everyone wants to contribute, to participate and to stay reliable and accountable.

  • Move fast

On their Facebook page people interested in a getting job, here are advised to think about moving fast through like in a real life. Connections are real, and you need to be quick and collaborative in order to create smarter and better solutions, thinking about global scale. Working in small teams enables you to quickly participate in a building of the smarter and more meaningful future of the company.

  • Be bold

One of the main goals of Facebook is to build a better and more connected world available to anybody. Their politics is to inspire all their employers to make any difference, to make “an impact”. Every person is valuable and any engineer, designer, marketer, can contribute in one’s unique way to create something different and to point out one great thing – there’s no limit what you can do.

  • Be yourself

Facebook insists on being unique, authentic, and if you consider yourself being “from another planet” you are maybe the right person for them. Their culture is open to anyone with open-mind who is willing to be a part of a friendly and positive environment, anyone who could fit in the atmosphere of diverse perspectives and where everyone belongs.

  • Fit in

Carlos Bueno is an engineer at Facebook, and one of his advices, when it comes to an interview, is to try to act like their future colleague. So, you need to be healthy enthusiastic, curious, and motivated. People who know how to make a large impact are wanted. Moving fast, making bold choices and being transparent is an advantage which can ensure you get the job.


One thing you do not really need is some fancy schooling. Facebook does not pay much attention on your diploma, but your ability to ship stuff. One more, good thing is that working at Facebook will give you an opportunity to be surrounded by highly intelligent people all the time.

Facebook is a global social network and the great conclusion is that if you can pass all those requirements, it is open to you and maybe soon you could tell us more about a job interview and working atmosphere there. Good luck!


Written by Marko T.

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