Most popular new sports in the world

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Sports are played all around the world. Some of them are individual, and some require a group of people. Some of them are exciting, tough, adventurous, extreme or funny. Anyway, sport is a fantastic physical activity and is recommended to anyone. So, we have been researching all new sports, and have found some that you probably have never heard of:


Ultimate Hand Team Tennis


Ultimate Hand Team Tennis was created in New Mexico in 2014 by Miguel Cervantes. The game is very similar to tennis, actually it is played with the tennis ball, but you don’t use racket here, but a hand. It is a team sport and there are five players in each team. The rules say that you can’t grab or kick the ball. If you want to score, the ball must bounce on the opponents ground and pass through the back. You shouldn’t juggle the ball, but to smack it right away.

So, if you think tennis is an expensive sport, try this one. You just need a ball and a bunch of your mates.


Bounceball was created by Holly Cara Morgan in June 2016 in the UK. This sport requires two teams of 4-6 players which are ought to hit a ball below a certain height on the back wall. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of the game. Each game last 5-10 minutes and it’s played with 3 soft foam balls. Players cannot touch the ball for more than 3 seconds at a time or kick it, the ball must be thrown.



Wheelball is a new sport from Serbia. It was created by Predrag Jovic i Vladan Vuckovic in 2013.

The game is very dynamic and exciting, and the playground is similar to football’s, but with some important differences. The field is a circle, with the 60m diameter. There are eight targets – two ‘Gates’ with ‘Wheelbals’ and four ‘Bases’. Hitting the ‘Gate’ brings two points, hitting the ‘Wheelball’ brings three points, and the ‘Base’ brings one point and the elimination of one of the opponent’s players. When the game starts there are six players and one ‘gatekeeper’ in each team. Later, this changes, which depends on the scored ‘Bases’. One game lasts 45 minutes and is divided into 3 thirds of 15 minutes, with 10 minutes brakes in between.



This new sport was made in the USA in 2009, by John Mellema.  It is played by two teams of three players each. Centergoal requires two balls and a goal block which is positioned in the center of the field. Both teams attempt to propel the goal into the opponent’s half of the field, hitting it with one of the balls. The field has an outer and an inner circle which are concentric. The goal is a cube, with each side being 22 cm long. The balls can be propelled using the body in any way – thrown, kicked, bounced…


Boxball is a pretty new sport, created by Chris Nand in 2002. It is a combination of football, boxing and karate. Boxball is played on a grass field. For this sport, you will need to wear soccer outfits, soft boxing gloves and soft boots. One team is consisted of 5, 6 or 11 players, including a goalkeeper. The players may kick the ball with feet, punch it with fists or perform the karate kick. When a team first reaches 10 goals, it wins.

These were just a few new sports and all of them are pretty amazing! Inventing any new sport is very interesting and a fun thing to do, because, as humans, we are always in a search of something new and different. Maybe one of these will become the sport of the future.

However, none of them still includes robots… so it could be challenging maybe to think about it…

What is your opinion?


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