The most interesting drinks

Marko Tomcic April 7, 2020 194 1 Comment

most interesting drinks

We all like to enjoy in some beverages, but how far would we go in trying something new and unusual? Well, some people were so creative, or some would say insane, to make something really extraordinary. Here are some of the world’s most unusual drinks: Snake wine This weird and frightening alcoholic beverage contains real... Read more »

The most intelligent animal

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We love them. We need them. They are our friends. Animals…. These beautiful creatures share living on the planet Earth together with us. Sometimes we are afraid of them, sometimes we admire them, but one thing is for sure – they are the closest beings to us so far. Intelligence is one important thing that... Read more »

The most important inventions of mankind

Marko Tomcic April 7, 2020 88 2 Comments

most important inventions

The human’s mind has many unimagined capabilities. Throughout the history, the mankind has had many rises and falls, but somehow human brain has always been making some great solutions and inventing new techniques in order to make one’s life easier and more comfortable. Some great ideas have come spontaneously, some during the sleep, but some... Read more »

The most expensive beer

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the most expensive beer

If you live on a planet Earth you have definitely heard for this magical liquid…. But if you have just come from some alien planet or another universe, we will reveal you a secret: This is Earth’s most popular alcoholic beverage! It is not a secret any more, but the secret is how much would... Read more »

The most expensive and the rarest fruit in the world

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the most expensive fruit in the world

We all have heard that eating fruit is excellent for your health, but how much money would you spend on some special fruit species? This silly question was also intriguing to us, so we decided to do a little research and find out how much money are most expensive species.   photo source: Jabuticaba... Read more »

The longest and fastest trains in the world

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the longest trains in the world

Trains are very popular today. It seems like this method of transportation was always fashionable and attractive. Maybe, it is because it is very convenient and comfortable, but today also very fast way to get to your favorite or desired destination. Maybe you know that Walt Disney was fascinated by trains and somehow they inspired... Read more »

The funniest animals

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the funniest animals

Animals are very cute, funny and sometimes dangerous… Depends on what you prefer. We were interested in those who are so funny that looking on their pictures will entertain you. Take a look. KOMONDOR DOG This one is really funny. Komondorok are known as the Hungarian sheepdogs. They are large and white-colored. Because of their special look,... Read more »

The best woman and man watches

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People who wear a watch are usually considered more elegant, classy, sophisticated and fashionable. Although there is a large selection of watches and their brands, all of them say something about their owner. So, the selection you make can tell a lot about your personality. So let’s see what some of the most popular watches... Read more »

The best tea

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the best tea

Tea… This refreshing beverage is probably one of the most favorable in the world. All civilizations and cultures have been celebrating tea drinking since ever. Tea ceremonies have been   part of the tradition and a kind of ritual where people were joined together. People in China worshipped drinking tea because it wasn’t just some delicious tonic, but... Read more »

The best-selling books

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best selling books

Have you ever wondered which book is the best-selling book ever? Reading books became popular since the first books have been printed, but today we do not need printed versions any more. It is up to us whether to choose a paper or an e-book. Some really true pieces of art are so popular that... Read more »