The best iPhone games

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If you are addicted to games, an iPhone is a great choice for exploring a whole new world of gaming. The iPhone offers more than a million games, so when it comes to the App Store, it is really difficult to choose the right one. Final Fantasy IX photo source: This core Final Fantasy... Read more »

Most popular new sports in the world

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Sports are played all around the world. Some of them are individual, and some require a group of people. Some of them are exciting, tough, adventurous, extreme or funny. Anyway, sport is a fantastic physical activity and is recommended to anyone. So, we have been researching all new sports, and have found some that you... Read more »

Materials of the future

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Our world is constructed of different materials, and today we are able to use what the nature has given to us in a clever and productive way. Human nature has a need to create and improve things and tools that are used to facilitate our lives. Living in today’s world is a great chance to... Read more »

Leonardo da Vinci

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  Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most famous artists in a human history. His mind was so brilliant and creative that he is considered to be one of the most intelligent men ever living. He was born in XV century near Vinci town, and his original name is Leonardo di ser Piero da... Read more »

It’s coffee time!

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It’s coffee time! When we wake up, the first thing we think about is a cup of fine coffee. This magical beverage is our favorite potion, whether hot or cold, with milk or sugar… we prepare and serve it in a million ways, but still it remains the most common drink in the world. When... Read more »

How to get job at Google?

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how to get job at Google

Today, Google is the most desirable and most wanted world company to work for. Every year, about 2 million people apply for a job and 5,000 are hired. What is the secret to become an employee and is there any advice that could help us to be that 1/400 that passes the job interview? We... Read more »

How to get job at Facebook?

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Facebook…. Could you imagine your day without it? Probably not… We are all well-informed in a story called Facebook, but thinking about it can make you wonder what it would be like if you could work for this giant company? We have been asking the same question, and therefore been exploring the issue that could... Read more »

Best-selling video games

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Best-selling video games A living in today’s world would be unimaginable without video games. Since they have appeared they have been interesting and popular. Here, we are going to mention those most played and best-sold. Tetris This puzzle video game is developed by EA Mobile and published by Electronic Arts for the iOS, BlackBerry OS,... Read more »

How to became smarter?

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how to become smarter

We believe that intelligence is limited, and that is impossible to enhance our IQ, which we were born with. Actually, this is wrong. A human being is able to increase its intelligence, but there are some steps that should be followed. So, if you want to expand your mind, you should put a little bit... Read more »

How to detox?

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How much do you take care of your body and your health? Do you often think about some healthy diet or cleaning your body from inside? Well, if you want to improve your health and bring your body and mind in a better condition, this is an article for you. We have been exploring the... Read more »