The most important inventions of mankind

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most important inventions

The human’s mind has many unimagined capabilities. Throughout the history, the mankind has had many rises and falls, but somehow human brain has always been making some great solutions and inventing new techniques in order to make one’s life easier and more comfortable. Some great ideas have come spontaneously, some during the sleep, but some were a result of the great work and effort.


Looking back on humans’ beginnings, we can definitely segregate firelanguage and trade. Fire was invented in the early Stone Age (400,000 BCE), language as semantic and phonetic was first being used around 100,000 BCE and it opened a way to share knowledge and other important information between the same generation but to leave it to descendants as the worthiest treasure. The first trade ever happened around 17,000 BCE, when New Guineans exchanged obsidian for other needed goods. Obsidian is a black volcanic glass, which was used to make hunting arrowheads.

Other the most significant inventions are:


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The wheel

When a man discovered a wheel, the whole new universe was open to him. Creating a vehicle is only one of the advantages. Although, a wheel by itself isn’t anything special, the difficulties came up to him, when he tried to connect the non-moving platform with wheels. This was worth managing – wheeled carts were the main source of the agricultural commerce, enabling the transportation of goods and the people also. Today, the wheels are very important, the play the main part in clocks, vehicles and turbines.


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The money

The money was invented in about 3000 BCE by the Sumerians. They wanted to ease the process of trade and exchanging goods, so they replaced the barter system inventing the money.


The paper

Together with the written language, the paper played a very significant role considering the amount of knowledge that could be written and save for the future generations. It was first used by the Chinese in around the year 105.


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The development of communication technology started when Samuel Morse invented the electric telegraph in 1836. This idea was refined to allow voice communications through copper wires and then the first telephone was born. Using electromagnetic waves to transmit signals wirelessly was a concept by many inventors, among them mostly by Guglielmo Marconi and Nikola Tesla.


The Steam engine

Thomas Newcomen has invented the steam engine in 1712. Steam power was very important for the development of seafaring navigation, and also for powering the machinery that drove the industrial revolution. James Watt modified a Newcomen’s engine in 1769 by adding a separate condenser, increasing the steam engine’s power. Watt developed a way for the engine to produce rotary motion, and it was as important as the efficiency gains. Richard Trevithick has developed the high-pressure steam engine that allowed small steam engines to power the train and steamships.


Light bulb

The first light bulb was created by Humphry Davy in 1800, but improved by Thomas Edison in 1879. The bulb transmits electricity through a wire with high resistance known as a filament. The energy created this way, or by the resistance, is released as heat and light.



The ideas of British mathematician Alan Turing are considered to be influential in creating the first computers. Those devices are able to solve complex instructions and tasks at an incredible rate of speed. Computers are widespread today and we probably couldn’t imagine our day without it. The quantum computer is invented in 2011 and it is called D-wave One. They are able to solve complex computing problems a thousand times faster than a traditional computer. The future is dedicated to them and we will witness their development.


The Internet

Thanks to the internet, we are able to access almost any information anywhere in the world. The internet is an inevitable part of our business, communication, economy, entertainment and even politics. Sharing information is faster than ever, everything is just in a few clicks from us.

The first internet has started as ARPANET, which was created in the late 1960s, with the idea to share and able military and academic research. Today, the internet is available to anyone and the world is sharing information with a minimum of effort.


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