The oldest and the most expensive cigars

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The oldest and the most expensive cigars

Cigarettes or cigars… We smoke them, we did, we quit or we have never tried one. However, today’s world seems like speaking a lot about health issues considering smoking and somehow we are warned not to start, ever. Fancy or attractive, we can see many different types of cigarettes, and especially very prized cigars, and some of them cost less, some more.

The price determines the quality or the quality is determined by the price. Anyway, whether you are a cigarette or a cigar smoker, they all are spread worldwide and we have found some of the most expensive ones.


Cohiba Behike

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These cigars were released in 2006 and this particular line is named in honor of a chieftain of the Taino Indians. It is produced each year in extremely limited quantities. Cohiba Behike uniqueness can be thanked to a leaf that attributes to the cigar exceptional character and flavor. The price for this special pleasure is $18,000 per box.

Arturo Fuente Opus X Ltd

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Arturo Fuente Opus X exemplifies all the best ingredients, growing practices, and craftsmanship. These cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic. They say it is the rich, fertile soils which nurture robust, flavorful filler and binder tobacco. If you are interested in buying a box, its price is $30,000.

The Gurkha Black Dragon

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One cigar of this brand costs $1150 and it is probably one of the most expensive in the world.  As they say, this is one of “the rarest and most unique, ultra-premium cigars that is sure to appeal to the true cigar aficionado”. This blend is combined with a 5-year aged Cameroon binder and a 5-year aged Dominican filler.

The Gran Habano

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This is the biggest cigar in the world. It is the 19-foot long and 3-foot wide giant tobacco roll, which price was $185,000. To make this huge cigar 1,600 pounds of tobacco leaves were needed and the whole cigar is almost equivalent to 25,000 regular sized cigars.

Double Corona Regius Cigars

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If you are willing to buy the most expensive cigar, it will come in a solitary stick. Regius Cigars Ltd created a special edition of the Double Corona cigar and they sold them to a businessman Callum Jones for $54,000 in the year 2013.

Mayan Sicars

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If you have ever wondered about the oldest cigars, you are at the right place. These Mayan Sicars are at least 600 years old and still in a very good condition for being consumed. These ancient cigars attracted a lot of attention, where many tobacco lovers wanted to try it. One tobacco collector, Gary Liotta, has bought the entire collection in an auction for $507,000.

Some interesting facts about cigars:

  • The original word for tobacco is “cohiba” and “tobacco” was what they called the pipe they smoked from. The word for smoking was “sikar,” and probably Europeans eventually turned it into the word “cigar”.
  • In 1961, the CIA was ordered to put the botulism toxin into Fidel Castro’s cigars, but the plan went wrong. Actually, he said that he diplomatically received cigars from the CIA, but they had notes of leather and Gorgonzola, which gave him only diarrhea!
  • A wife of Mark Twain requested him to stop smoking. For some time he was trying to quit, but later he continued smoking 300 cigars a month and successfully wrote a book in just three months.  Unfortunately, his wife ran off with another man, whose great- great-grandson Chaim later invented the worldwide known Stinky Ashtray!

Those were some of the most interesting facts about cigars. Whether you smoke or not, cigars are so popular and wanted. So, what is your opinion about it? If you could choose any of these, which one would it be? Tell us.


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